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Prokkel organises an international meeting

Stichting Prokkel is a Dutch foundation which aims to connect people with and without intellectual disabilities through the ‘ Prokkelweek’ , a week in June with about four hundred wonderful events with ten thousands participants throughout the entire country. One week as an example for inclusion and inspiration for the rest of the year. A week with participation of local, regional and national government, with participation of big and small companies, of schools, welfare organisations and local communities. A week with activities on a national level (the Parliament) as well as on a local level.

A week where people with intellectual disabilities are in the lead. A week which open doors on all levels and connects people. On September 26th, Stichting Prokkel organises an international meeting providing information on how they bring together people with and without intellectual disabilities.

At this September meeting, Stichting Prokkel is going to explain the concept of the Prokkelweek, what the success indicators are and why and how it contributes to inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. There will be enough time for answering questions and interaction. At the end you know what you could do to adept and develop the concept of Prokkelweek in your own country.

The event is on Wednesday the 26th of September from 13.00 till 17.30 hours in Utrecht (Vilans, located near Utrecht Central Station).

For more information please visit our website or the Facebook event page. We would be delighted if you could make it. You are of course welcome to bring others as well. You can always e-mail for more information, or fill out the form on the website.




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