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Steffie. That is how it works! Steffie by Leer Zelf Online

The avatar Steffie is one of the proven online and well-known inclusive methods created by social enterprise Leer Zelf Online. Steffie is specialized in explaining difficult subjects in an easy to understand way.

We focus our efforts on people that are vulnerable in society and have limited (digital) skills. We do this step by step, using simplified language, attractive illustrations and animations. Steffie receives over two million visitors per year from all walks of life.

Supporting guide

All explanations are both in text and are spoken by our animated figure Steffie. Steffie is the guide that takes you through the subject matter and supports you along the way. The feeling of being supported throughout the explanations is very much appreciated by our users, as this is usually lacking in other online learning and information tools. To improve their skills, users can practice subjects in different forms, that fit the subject matter best.

Many subjects

Steffie helps with a wide selection of subjects, like financial and administrative skills, news, health, relations and sexuality as well as computer skills. Steffie makes information comprehensible for the Dutch government about vaccination, quarantine, self-testing, social benefits and elections. Steffie empowers people in these areas by reducing anxiety, transferring knowledge and building up self-esteem.

What makes Steffie tick and unique?

  • Grassroots organization with a widespread social network
  • Step-by-step explanations that can be followed at your own pace
  • Attractive illustrations and enlightening animations
  • Simple explanations of complex matter
  • Frequent use of focus groups during development
  • A uniform and clear user interface
  • Built responsive, so useable on all kinds of devices
  • Steffie animated figure as a guide (animated figure can be customized)
  • All texts are accompanied by professionally-spoken audio
  • Available in every language
  • Free access, no login or subscription
  • Modules can be easily integrated into websites
  • A solution to every problem!

Currently, more than two million people in the Netherlands use the various multilingual Steffie modules every year. A German version of Steffie is also available on

Prime Minister Mark Rutte explains in the Dutch parliament how Steffie helps the government during the coronacrisis.

Leer Zelf Online implements Steffie explainers for these organizations, companies and governments, among others.

Leer Zelf Online works for these organizations, companies and governments, among others.

Steffie. That is how it works!

A few examples of Steffie applications